A Thought About Aesthetics and Simplicity

I believe that the best way to embrace simplicity of design is through storytelling. A design must be able to deliver a powerful message colored with emotions. Storytelling is always full of emotions. It tells us how users perceive their environment. By creating a structured rule, we can amplify the story our design tells.

In our office, we strive to find the right proportion between needs and functionality. The key question we always ask is: Who is the user we are designing for? Understanding the user is the most crucial part. Once we have a deep understanding of the user, we can start our design process. We aim to stay simple and clear. However, achieving simplicity is not easy. Each design is a learning journey. As designers, we learn from our users. With this knowledge, we can offer them the best possible outcomes, tailored specifically for them.

Therefore, my guiding principle is to always know your user. How do you do that? – Ask yourself: if you were a user of your own design, would you be satisfied with its design?